8 Ways to Better Your Relationship

8 Ways to Better Your Relationship

8 Ways to better your relationship:

Maybe things aren’t necessarily going poorly in your relationship, but have you gotten the feeling lately that they’re becoming a little … stale? While there are some great things you can do between the sheets to spice up your relationship, what you do with your clothes on is just as important. Take a look at some of these ways to improve your relationship with your partner in and out of the bedroom.

1. Go on a Real Date. Don’t settle for a quick trip to your local chain restaurant. Treat yourself by getting dressed up and going somewhere with table cloths. It may sound simple, but the extra effort of getting ready will be worth it when you can enjoy some time to yourselves over freshly made delicacies. When you’re in a long-term relationship, you can get pretty comfortable. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it doesn’t hurt to show your best side every now and again. There’s nothing wrong with reminding them just how hot you are by putting on that outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion or even by just spending a little extra time on your appearance. If money is a little tight, treat yourself by going out for dessert. Don’t just pick up something to go and binge on it while clearing out your DVR. Grab a table at the eatery or find a nice place outside to enjoy it together.

2. Learn a New Skill. If you’re living with your partner, chances are you both have some complaints about your home and ways that you’d like to improve it. Learning something useful together that you can utilize in your home is a great way to gain independence, boost confidence and raise your self-esteem. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be learning a useful skill such as fixing that leaky bathroom sink or retiling your shower. Additionally, by accomplishing it together, the activity can be a great bonding experience that can make you feel closer—and get your endorphins flowing.

3. Spend Some Time Apart. It may seem counterintuitive, but the old homage that absence makes the heart grow fonder is still very true. A study posted by USAToday.com stated that “couples in long distance relationships have more meaningful interactions than those who see each other on a daily basis, leading to higher levels of intimacy.” Their reasoning suggests that spending time apart actually helps those in a couple to idealize one another more, helping them focus on the positives of the other person. Now, you don’t have to move out of the house. However, having your own life outside of your relationship and giving one another some space every now is perfectly healthy. Like the couples in the study, you might find that you’re drawn to one another even more.

4. Go on an Adventure. HelpGuide.org says that doing new things together is one of the best ways to improve your quality time with one another and keep your relationship strong. In addition, stepping outside of your comfort zone with some fun activities will have your adrenaline pumping and his testosterone flowing. No matter where you live, there are most likely nearby places where you can get into an adventure like rock climbing (there are many places that offer indoor options) or hiking trails. If there’s no place nearby, head out for a day or two over the weekend. You don’t have to spend a lot, because there are budget-friendly options like trips to a nearby river. There are also companies that offer relaxing kayaking, or tubing (a personal favorite). You’ll feel rejuvenated getting some fresh air and taking in a little vitamin D.

5. You’re Only as Old as You Feel. If you want to feel like a couple of college kids in the bedroom, you might want to try acting that way outside of it for a while too. Try something that maybe before you thought was a little outside of your age range. Head to a go-kart track or find a place to play laser tag. You’ll have fun letting go of your hangups and “grown up” worries for a bit and it will get your competitive side flowing. Plus you can always make a wager beforehand that incorporates some sexy favors for later.

6. Get in Shape Together. Time Magazine rated exercising as one of the best things you can do to improve your life. The endorphins high that you’ll get can be better than even your favorite glass of Pinot Noir. Also, you’ll gain confidence from staying active or getting in shape, which can lead to more adventurous or flexible positions in the bedroom that may have not been possible before.

7. Bring Something New Into the Bedroom Sometimes the rush of everyday tasks can leave the importance of a good sex life pretty far down on the list, but there are some simple ways you can spice things up. Besides trying out a new position or location, the most effective way you can experience new sensations is with the use of sex toys. If your partner has a harder time finishing than you do, consider purchasing something that’s geared more towards their pleasure. Of course there are also options that will suit you both. Even a small finger vibrator can make the experience exponentially more arousing for the both of you. In the testimonials section of the site, customers from adam and eve have said that the adult products have reignited their sex life. They even go as far to say that the items helped save their marriage.

8. Make Your Bedroom Set for Sex. If there’s dog hair all over the bed, sheets that are well past their changing date, and dirty clothes on the floor, your bedroom probably isn’t helping to set the mood. Of course cleaning things up is the first way to make your bedroom feel more like an oasis, but you can certainly improve it further. If your budget doesn’t allow for new decor or a new duvet, there’s still something to be said for the power of the classics like candles and even a bouquet of flowers. It’s a lot easier to lose yourself in the moment with the smell of fresh flowers than with the smell of dirty gym socks (at least I’d assume it is for most people). Don’t forget: What you do outside of the bedroom can be just as beneficial to your sex life as what you do behind close doors. Have fun going out, so you can have even more fun staying in!


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