Ahhhh! The Holidays Are Coming! Stay Calm Tips To Be Stress Free

Ahhhh! The Holidays Are Coming! Stay Calm Tips To Be Stress Free

Ahhhh!  The Holidays Are Coming!  Stay Calm Tips To Be Stress Free
Stress Less with Tips From Nina Sonovia, MS, LPCC

When the holiday season starts to get closer, stress takes over some people. Unnecessary questions begin to float people’s minds, taking the calm out of the holiday season. Unfortunately, stress can take over people’s minds so much that they are unable to decide their next course of action. If you are suffering from holiday stress, then here are five ways that will help you overcome your holiday stress!

1.    Eat Foods That Will Lower Your Stress Levels

Here are three foods you should make part of your routine:

*    Asparagus: As weird as this may sound, asparagus is high in folate, which helps you stay calm.

*    Blueberries: They have the highest levels of antioxidants and help you think better.

*    Chocolate: This is the ultimate comfort food. It has been proven to make everyone’s mood better and decreases depression, in moderation.

2.    Practice Mindfulness

Under stress and pressure, it’s easy to forget how to remain aware of your thoughts and emotions and to control them. Remember to breathe and practice gratitude; this is where mindfulness comes into play.

3.    Practice Gratitude for a Mood Change

Research has proved that being grateful towards anybody and everything in your surroundings will lead you to a happier life. Gratitude will make sure you are internally satisfied, and you will feel less stressed under any situation.

4.    Staying Hydrated is Essential

Those who are under stress need to know that your adrenal glands are pumping out stress hormones. Meaning that if you are continuously under pressure, you can get an adrenal insufficiency. With less adrenal, the production of aldosterone drops which triggers dehydration. Increasing your water intake will relax your stressors giving you time to chill out. Stress can “dry up” the fluids in your body, so you need to intake as much water as possible to keep yourself healthy!

5.    Surround Yourself with Motivators

Happy and confident people are contagious. When you are with people that are always uplifting you, you could find yourself feeling better.  Laughing and connecting with others is good for your health and it triggers endorphins in your body that are on a mission to decrease your stress!

Your Health Is a Priority!

Before any holiday approaches, make sure you are taking good care of yourself and are surrounding yourself with positive energy. Do not let the celebration become too much of a worry!

ABOUT Nina Sonovia, MS, LPCC

Nina Sonovia -Founding Director and CEO of Solonco Biofeedback Institute
Solonco is a Biofeedback practice that is dedicated to assisting individuals and teamswith improve peak performance through mindfulness techniques and resilience training.

Nina Sonovia, MS, LPCC has over 20 years of experience assisting individuals and teams  with performance,  goal setting, and stress wellness. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is certified in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training for stress wellness and performance. Additionally, she is trained educator in the mindfulness school curriculum, and resilience training for individual and team performance in the workplace.

Nina Sonovia, MS, LPCC is a published poet and author of a children’s book about grief and loss titled A Rose for Mat™, Creator of The ReThink:Achieving Goals When Intention Is Not Enough™, Creator of Your Finances 101™, Creator of Goal Setting When Intention Is Not Enough, Creator of Your Life’s Encore: Controlling Your Emotions After A Life Transition™, Guest on Denver Community Credit Union’s weekly radio show highlighting The 8 Effect™ principles titled Getting Beyond Good Intentions, Creator of ComPASS: The Right College Start™, Creator of the Series Rewiring Your Desires To Achieve Goals When Intention Is Not Enough™, Creator of Decoding Stress for Success, and a College Professor.

Nina Sonovia, MS, LPCC is a STRESS/WELLNESS SPECIALIST and Professional Speaker available for group discussions, tv news discussions, conferences and more.  Her specialty is working with  corporate America, women, college students and elementary students.  Such topics include but are not limited to:

  • Decoding Stress and Improving Teams
  • Creating Resilient Leaders in Changing Times
  • Tips for Managing Holiday Stress
  • Helping Universities with student retention with Training and Mindfulness
  • How to raise a resilient child with everything else is chaotic
    • o    (a model for community mental health services for elementary children).
    • Thriving in the aftermath of trauma
    • Creating a psychologically safe workplace to prevent employee burnout

social sites:  @ninasonovia


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